Workshop “Enhancing Honors Faculty Skills”

Presented by Ron Weerheijm, Rotterdam UAS, Gregory O’Dea, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Marike Lammers, Saxion UAS, Karin Boer-Truijen, Saxion UAS

October 14, 2016

How can we help honors teachers to deepen their skills?

Four discussion topics, discussed and worked out in four groups of teachers/staff. Findings, practices and dilemma’s written down on posters, wrapped up and presented to each other:

I. What is the biggest step one can take in their honors faculty development?

  1. An idea about honors:
    * the step from content to skills (writing, reading, speaking, critical thinking, multi-disciplinary collaboration,
    * out of comfort zone,
    * dare to give freedom to faculty and students,
    * real dialogue,
    * real involvement,
    * innovative,
    * integrative,
    * globally focus,
    * experimental focus
  2. Unifying team and voice by:
  3. Program, strategic workshop:
    * broad issues,
    * with external experts,
    * calibration,
    * systemizing,
    * bottom up,
    * using students (energy, ideas, support)

II. Why is faculty development a delicate subject to discuss with faculty or why might faculty resist?

  • Ego
  • I have a PHD!!!
  • What’s development? Something lacking or to improve?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Is development a team effort?
  • Lack of servant leadership (authority)

III. What makes honors professionalization/development really professionalization/development for honors?

  • Student centered
  • Creative
  • Students as teachers
  • Taking development into account
  • Flexibity
  • Understanding culture
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Meeting passion of faculty members
  • Taking risks

IV. What are good practices in motivating faculty in their honors professionalization?

  • Duty / drive / inter- and collective consciousness
  • Focus group, survey’s, how can we support?
  • Involve faculty in discussion of mission statement or competencies
  • Incentive, evaluation
  • Provide lunch (max 1 hour)
  • Ask colleagues from other institutions focus on behavior in honors class
  • Share information about honors students
  • Honors faculty also responsible for design honors faculty development
  • Observation (video) faculty in action and video analyze
  • Pedagogy project, observation and discussions with faculty (not about performance)
  • Student evaluation, discussion

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