Dare to….

Dear honours minded friends,

We at HU Honours all wish you a healthy and happy 2015. Have a good one!

This year we will take another step into our honours future. A strong honours concept which focuses on learning and value creation, matched with an honours pedagogy wil more and more be the key to personal and professional development of our students and our faculty. We’ ll make a shift from education to learning, giving space to the unknown. Co creating the future together and also letting ourselves be led by the love for learning will define our honours education. You may think this is obvious, but in our daily reality it unfortunately is not.

It takes a lot of courage to let go the need for control. To let students find their own way and to be open for unexpected twists. And it takes courage to live ‘the honours way’: to trust students, their process and the outcome. And also to rely on the process and on ourselves. It really is a way of life to be a learning human being. To be the change you want to see in the world.

In many environments, work places, social settings, this is found to be strange or wrong. Within the structures in our society, which are often based upon fear and control, there is no room for mistakes, vulnerability or growth. So it takes courage to take the risk to be laughed at, rejected or shut out. The opinion of the majority however, is not the same as the truth.

So dare to be different, to hold on to your dreams, to rely on your own talents and to change the world. Because you can and because you are not alone.

Let us know how we can support you in your learning process and let’s dare together!

Be inspired by Brene Brown and her TED Talk on the power of vulnerability.


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