by Suzanne Unck

HU Honours crewOver the past few days, 14 colleagues and students have arrived in Denver to attend the NCHC Conference on excellence in higher education and to visit honours programs of universities nearby. Through our WhatsApp group we kept eachother updated on flights and arrivals and we made arrangements to go and have breakfast together or going sightseeing. A lot of us don’t know eachother very well, but we do have something in common: we are the HU Honours Crew. From all six departments of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht we are now in Denver to discover, learn, connect, get inspired and to bring back our knowledge to make HU Honours a place for students and teachers to be challenged and to challenge.

To emphasize our connection, we all have our own HU Honours baseball jacket with on the back side. This way we can show everyone in our Dutch network and the participants of the NCHC conference that we are ambassadors of our Honours Community and that we stand for education which facilitates students to challenge themselves to the max and thus reach unexpected results.

Tonight we went out for dinner together. And it made me proud to be surrounded by such smart, kind and passionate people. We are a team and we make HU Honours the best place for our teachers and our students.

Tomorrow we will get an introduction by Hedwigh Verbruggen on our visit to Ken Wilber next tuesday and in the afternoon we’ll visit Regis University here in Denver. Let the quest begin!


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