denver_skylineFrom November 2nd till November 8th fourteen colleagues and students from HU University of Applied Sciences will attend the work trip to Denver. Partly to visit the annual NCHC conference on excellence in higher education and also to visit other universities, their honours programs and organisations who can inspire us to make our own honours education better.

We are very pleased with our delegation; from all six departments we are represented. This is also a way for us to meet and share our experiences.

Since the Sirius project is ending, we are currently revising our honours education. New insights give us input and our experiences tell us which way to go. This led to our new priority: adding value creation to all honours programs. This concept is new to us and this means we have to discover together what it can mean to us and our education. We defined value creation in different ways:

* your own value: self esteem, talent development, personal growth;
* values: critical thinking, acting ethically correct;
* enhancing your worth: professional development leading to a higher position when entering the labour market;
* being of value by contributing to your field of study and to society.

We will try to collect answers, views, notions, ideas, directions by considering this week as a vision quest; a personal adventure with a purpose. Since we’ll be close to native American cultures, a logical way to learn and grow.

We’ll keep you updated!


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