Designing the honours way

rocketby Suzanne Unck

We, at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, are in the middle of a transformation. Not just the ongoing personal one, but especially in the direction of giving honours a solid position in our university. Our ambitions are high, not just in numbers of students participating, but also in vision, mission statement, educational concept and organisational model. We want it all to match: Why, How and What.

So we, the department project leaders and I (general project leader) planned two days of designing our new outlines. And also in this process we wanted it to be the way we see honours: from inner curiosity and motivation, innovative, connected, exciting and process based. It was very exciting indeed, to trust the collective intelligence. I also read a lot about Theory U: a form of change management based on Presencing by Peter Sengé. It occurred to me that this was exactly the way we prepared for the two desigining days.

It is an adventure and challenge to stay upright, congruent and clear in this designing process. We also discoverd some anchor points: value creation, co designing, learning from inspiration and curiosity and cooperation between teachers and students. And something with a rocket 😉

To be continued…


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