by Suzanne Unck

Every day I come across interesting information about honours, innovation, education and all possible crossovers. This morning I spoke with Reint-Jan Renes, applied professor Cross media Communication in the Public Domain at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. We discussed a new idea to connect honours students to research. He suggested that students could show their learning curve in the process of learning and referred to a TEDx Talk by Joris Luyendijk. Very inspiring and a great way of ‘show & share’: a new beginning of a concept to help honours students create value by sharing their knowledge and experiences. To be continued..

An other colleague shared a website for honours students: a Netherlands-Asia honours summer school. If I was still a student, That would be a great option!

In the meanwhile we’re very busy designing the position of honours in our university. We already know that experimenting, innovation and creativity have to be important parts. We also want honours to be a place for ambitious students and employees who want to excel by challenging themselves. And our offer has to be diverse to meet every learning desire outside the regular program. The main focus is ‘creating value’: what are you teaching the world?

When I browsed around a little, I found this clip on school and education. The other day I thought out loud: what if our University of Applied Sciences doesn’t encourage learning, but discourages it. Do we have students who learn less than they would have learned without school? Why do we think learning is limited to a building, to books, to teachers (with their own limitations), to tests? Do they provide or prevent learning?

How can we support the student’s inner learning needs?

So, maybe now you are a little discouraged? Don’t be. We all know we’re trying our best and giving all that we can. Kid President knows that too! Be more awesome!

Steve Jobs knew  about his target group… Is it ours too?


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