Fearless Leadership

fearlessby Suzanne Unck

Recently I read Fearless Leadership by Loretta Malandro. It inspired me to offer a training session on the topic for students and colleagues. This afternoon, the session was planned and eight contestants were present.

We started with an out-of-the-box exercise. I asked those present to silently observe one other participant and to describe what they saw as leadership qualities in them. Then they changed roles. When they discussed the outcomes, it appeard that the descriptions were quite accurate. It was an excercise to become aware of one’s own qualities and to dare doing something new and scary.

After that we discussed the five requirements of fearless leadership. About dealing with blind spots, being 100% accountable, thinking big, strengthening partnerships, addressing issues and being unreasonable. The participants all had examples of good and bad leadership and we shared some real life cases.

We closed the short session with an exercise on the ghosts in your head: limiting thoughts which prevent you from doing the right things by withholding you from taking risks. They all drew their biggest ghost and came up with a solution to not let the ghost be of influence.

I really enjoyed leading this training session and I want to offer myself to other colleagues who are interested in learning about fearless leadership. Dare to confront yourself with your own blind spots and be willing to learn and grow. Send me an e-mail at suzanne.unck@hu.nl if I can mean something to you and your team.

My favorite quote in the book is:

‘‘Most organizations do not lack committed people; what they have are highly frustrated committed people’


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