Honours & assessment

For the past few years assessment has been an important item in higher education. The focus has been put on accountability. The consequence is that there is limited space for innovation and experiment. Within the honours education we created this space because we think that learning comes from an inner motivation and it is our mission to uncover, to scout, to coach and to stimulate so students are able to use and show their talents.

But what about assessments? How do we measure excellence? If we want to use inner motivation, why put tests on it? There is a high risk for students (and lecturers) to focus on tests instead of the ongoing learning process. By testing we sabotage what we actually want to achieve: for students to discover the joy of learning.

So in a lot of ways we try to stimulate lecturers and management and honours committees to create room for new ways for students to show and share what they learned. We think that is the way to review the student’s accomplishments. In an ideal situation, we ask students in what way they want to show and share: a presentation, a website, an e-book, an event. The sky is the limit.


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