Peer Review

Visual-Peer-ReviewLast Wednesday December 4th the annual audit of our filling in of the Sirius project took place. The audit committee of Sirius reviews our progress, weaknesses and solutions. In order to do that, we write a report beforehand. This year there was an option to organise it differently in the form of a peer review. A way to learn from eachother and be eachothers critical friend. We chose to do so, together with the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Months we’ve been busy preparing and on October 31st the first part took place: a preview by lecturers and students. The preview report was an important part of the input for the actual peer review.

The actual day started off with a private meeting for each university with the audit committee. With a small delegation we elucidated our report. After that, the attendants were placed into six groups. Each of them discussed a certain element of the six defined parts within the Sirius compass. At the end of the afternoon the results were presented.

The revenues were translated into visual notes by Mieke de Gunst from De Betekenaar.

In the next period of time we will draw our conclusions out of the annual report, the preview report, the audit committee feedback and the visual notes. We will bring all the outcomes to everyone involved and will facilitate them to be able to excel. Together we can create the energy in which extraordinary education can blossom and talents can evolve.


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