Inclusive leadership

With our honours activities we educate our students to be independent, innovative, creative, inquisitive, persevering professionals. It is to be expected that these students will be the future leaders in organisations. But what kind of leadership is required in companies these days and for the future? We already know that we need new ways to get out of the crisis and to do justice to the current generation.

I discoverd an article (in Dutch) on inclusive leadership. I think it matches with our view of the honours professional we educate. Inclusive leadership is not only about diversity, but it is about strengthening relationships and valuing all perspectives. Inclusive leaders treat people as individuals and model inclusive behaviour. It is like ‘one body with many parts and that every part has specific function(s) to function the whole body. In other words, if one part doesn’t function well then it may paralyze the body and make other parts suffer.’ (from this site).

Inclusive leadership is connected to other types of leadership such as servant leadership, fearless leadership and self leadership.

What do you think are the most important qualities of a leader in our society?

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