Learn & excel

preview fotoEvery year the audit committee of Sirius visits us to check up on our honours activities. This year we chose a different way to share our experiences, successes, weaknesses and goals. Together with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we designed two sessions in which we have a dialogue with all stakeholders to share questions and answers as a way to learn from eachother.

At October 31, the first session took place: almost 50 honours lecturers and students were invited to share their experiences. They formed three groups and each group started discussing honours issues. facilitated by a conversation leader. They were able to collect all the information and experiences and they helped the group to make a presentation out of it. At the end of the afernoon all the faculty honours project leaders came to our work space to take notice of the outcome. They will make the connection between the harvest of this preview and the official peer review session at December 4th.

It was a great day full of inspiration, openness, wonder, curiosity, passion, purpose and connection. We all felt the urge and wish to make honours education mature. The honours project leaders will put the results on record so this will be an important part of the peer review. For education is about the way teachers and students work together to help the students to learn and grow.

This afternoon led to several practical intentions and plans to improve our own honours tracks. I’d like to thank all the participants and of course the conversation leaders Eva Keeris, Christianne van den Broek and Nathalie Venema.


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