Honors Conference Rotterdam 2013 – my experiences

by Joke Alink

October 3rd 2013
Validating Honours programs Presenter: M. Lammers, Saxion – Buitengewoon
Marike Lammers gave a paper presentation about validating honours programs. Measuring and validating the results of your honours activity is important after a period of experimenting and development. Validation adds an extra dimension in measuring in depth the way honours programs succeed in educating students as reflective professionals. A validation committee gives an evaluation in form and content on the honours program marked by the colors red, orange or green (scale of measuring the reflective professional in the honoursprogram).

October 4th 2013
A power boost out of nowhere Presenter: A de Wild
Try before you ‘I’ (= innovate). Already in the beginning of the study the students should be introduced by working in a multidisciplinary cooperation. It enables students to solve complex issues from professional practice. Multidisciplinary working is a necessary condition for excellent students; it’s a professional practice. Create an environment in which different disciplines need each other and make it a challenge.


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