Talent Walks

By Josca Snoei

walkI attended the workshop Talent Walks on the first conference day. Hans, our workshop leader, told us about how he uses walking outside to talk about a person’s talents. He states that it is less confronting for a person to talk about his or her personal qualities and problems during a walking session instead of when one is sitting inside in a ‘normal’ setting.

Due to the fact that you have a destination and are not all the time (literally) facing each other, Hans experiences that it is easier for people to expose themselves. This is what Hans made us experience in his workshop. We went outside and walked in the neighborhood of the RDM campus. During this walk we had to list 3 of our talents and we shared them with one other participant. By phoning a friend, colleague or relative, Hans invited us to ask this person for another talent he or she found suitable for us. This list of talent we discussed with another peer. After that we were asked to think and discuss in what context this talent would be likely to flourish. This provided us with a personal insights. I believe talent walks can be a nice method to use as well when talking (and walking!) with a student.


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