Honors Conference day 2

_MG_2844The second conference day started with a keynote by Marca Wolfensberger. She put excellence in an international perspective and presented an overview of her research on teacher qualities and learning environment conditions. Inspiring, and we all realized that we still have a lot of work to do.

We had already set up the space in which our poster presentation had to take place. Six posters as a method to show our general concept, different kinds of tracks and our challenges for the future. There was a delegation from every faculty so the HU-community was ready to rock. But first, in the same practice room, Saxion University of Applied Sciences presented their research on student satisfaction of their nine honours programmes. Afthet they had finished, Suzanne Unck (overall project leader of HU honours) held an introduction to our presentation and welcomed the audience in our community. The room was filled up and everybody went to look at the posters. We explained our concept and honours activities.

_MG_2858A lot of people were taken with our approach, especially by the vision ‘everyone can excel’ and the logical choices to define five characteristics and four different kinds of tracks. It was interactive, dynamic and crowded. Even when our time was up, people stayed to talk with us instead of running to the lunch buffet.

_MG_2881In the afternoon, we took time to discuss some HU-issues with colleagues. We came up with some plans for the very near future:

* organize an Honours Tour with the posters at all six faculties. With a multidisciplinary honours team we are going to show our concept and tracks for everybody at the faculties AND at HU Services, Oudenoord 330. Show and tell! Every month a different faculty with a presentation attached to it from students/lecturers who are involved in an honours track at that faculty. We need the community to consult eachother and to learn from eachother. We’re a team!

_MG_2888* There needs to be more communication about the procedures to involve in honours tracks. We have to make clear how the honours counter works and how students can apply for an honours track.

* We have to exchange more about rating honours results between faculties. Let’s think of a way to facilitate that, for instance by the honours committees.

The wrap-up at the second day was special. Bart van Rosmalen emptied our heads and fulled it up with the experience of music.

_MG_2932And then we had to leave again. With a lot to think about and renewned enthusiasm for our great cause.

Pictures by Carien J. Touwen (and one by Joke Alink)


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